Who Are The Metrosexual Men?

Who Are The Metrosexual Men?

If you are a man and you can’t answer the question … ‘Am I metrosexual?’ then the answer is probably ‘No!’ … but if you care about your body, your appearance and your lifestyle then it is much more likely to be ‘Yes!’.

Metrosexual Men

When are the Metrosexual Men?

Metrosexual men was a term originally coined in the ’90s to describe men whose attitudes were often associated with their ‘out there’ homosexual brothers, while being firmly grounded in the straight world.

For example, both groups generally take an intense interest in working out either at the gym or home, to achieve a body which is the envy of their friends and the desire of their lover.

Having developed the body of a young Greek god metrosexual men go to great lengths to maintain and showcase their achievement.

Meticulous personal hygiene, designer labels and a highly developed sense of fashion and beautiful women are all trade marks of metrosexual men.

Metrosexual Men

Where are the Metrosexual Men?

Metrosexual men, usually young single men with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are), have been the most significant sector of the consumer market for decades.

Though it did represent a complex and gradual change in the shopping and self-presentation habits of men, the idea of metrosexuality is often distilled by the media down to a few men.

David Beckham and Brad Pitt (exceptions by being married and not in the first flush of youth) have frequently been mentioned along with younger icons such as Jake Gyllenhall, Ashton Kutchner and Orlando Bloom.

It is their dedication to personal vanities, moisturisation, exfoliation and pedicures along with an insistence on quality designer clothes and accessories which have defined metrosexual men as being synonymous with good taste and exceptional style.

In the 8Os he was only to found inside fashion magazines such as GQ, in television advertisements for Levi jeans or in gay bars … but now in the 21st century, as the term metrosexual and it’s connotations have become firmly embedded in more news outlets around the world, metrosexual men are everywhere and they are going shopping!!